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Game Engine (and Tutorial)

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    Daaa Zhao
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    Programmer, Documentation

Game Engine (and Tutorial)

Here I'm trying to create a game engine from scratch.

Also, I try to compress the steps into a tutorial containing both theory and implementation.

My goal is to write a game engine version of Shirley's 'Ray Tracing in One Week', should call it something like 'Game Engine in One Week'.

I just started and things are still super messy now. Don't laugh at me.

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Daaa Zhao

My name is Daaa. You can call me Da or Daaaaaa, as many ‘a’ as you wish. This is a playable version of my name. My projects are usually cross-boundaries, and my skillset contains a wide range of stuff, from art to tech, from digital to physical. Majored in architecture, I continued to pursue my passion in both technology and creative process, working on projects in installation arts, augmented reality, interactive devices, game development, etc.

What I do

Interdisciplinary is precisely what I am good at. Every time the inspiration burst, in order to set the idea free from limits, I would learn some new skills to counter the challenge. Over time, I have broadened my skillset widely open, from art to tech, from reality to virtuality. Below is an axis graph to explain the Art-Tech/Digital-Physical coordinate of the skillsets used in my projects.

Robot Knows
What if you run out of some ingredients when making a dish?

Sure, you can go out to purchase some. But also, you can choose to revise the recipe a little bit based on the foods in your hand; and please be proud of it, that's human intelligence. However, we are losing this intelligence after industrialization. Is it appropriate to cut every unique tree into the same board?

  • Installation Art
  • AI Generated
This is an AR treasure-hunting game.

There are secrets hidden in the IDEAS campus; could you find them? Scan the QR codes on any suspect surfaces, collect clues, and unlock your final reward!

  • AR
  • Interactive Exhibition
if (isMeaningful)
Time Travel Bandit
Unstable cracks are appearing.

It’s becoming easier for people to travel through time and space. Our character, Baaa, is a professional thief. Recently, he has started to make a living by traveling through time and space and stealing treasure.

  • Shader
  • Architecture
Eyes covered. How to survive the dungeon? Use sonar!

This game is made solo in a two-week game dev challenge. It's a sonar-detect roguelike game. In this dungeon, your vision is taken, and your only ability is to use a sonar device. Play it online on!

  • Atmospheric
  • Minimalistic
Daaa's Horse
Just squeeze.
  • Soft Body
  • Interactive
Don't Let the Cat Sleep
Get up, kitty!
  • Robot Arm
  • Pet's Toy
Chinese Calligraphy
This is a 40-meter-long calligraphy scroll.

It took me three months to create, and I treated every stroke meticulously. With such an opportunity, each stroke is an examination and tempering of my heart and spirit.

  • Calligraphy Art
  • XXXL Scale
Wander Corgi VR
Wanna be a dog and leave pee-mails to others?

In this VR experience, you will become a corgi, waking up and finding your favorite toy lost in the city. Be a detective! Read the pee-mails left by your friends, and discover the clues.

  • Animal View
  • VR
Living Hybrid
An architectural manifesto.

The future of democratic design and growing architecture with the participation of the GANs. Every opinion matters; how can we take them into design consideration with the help of AI?

  • Architectural Design
  • Graphic Design
The pandemic is the best time of my life.

The short film is a story about a woman worker being laid off by a mask factory before the pandemic. To pay for her salary, the factory gave her 1 ton of masks, which were worth nothing before the pandemic. But later, the situation changed. Mask has become a hot barter for money and sexual resources.

  • Set Design
  • Short Film
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